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How to transfer domain names

Learn how to transfer a domain name to the other party with our informative visual guides

Learn the steps for transferring domain names between accounts or check out our registrar transfer guides below

The process of transferring domains between accounts involves contacting your registrar and undertaking a procedure to transfer ownership. Each registrar has its own process and it can vary depending on whether the domain within the same registrar or between registrars.

If the domain is held in the same registrar as the buyer's intended account, the process is known as an Account Transfer or Push Transfer. If the registrars are different, this is known as an Authorization Code Transfer or EPP Code Transfer

Before you can transfer a domain, ensure that the domain is eligible to be transferred. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' (ICANN) Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars outlines certain restrictions which can be applied to transferring domains:

  • less than 60 days since the original registration date as shown on the record, or
  • transferred between Registrars within the last 60

In some cases, these restrictions may not apply; for example, if the domain is being transferred within the same registrar.

Account Transfer or Push Transfer (same registrar)

For the seller

  1. Get the details of the buyer's account from the buyer - To transfer a domain within a registrar, it is normal to specify the new account owner by their account name, email address or customer number.
  2. Begin the account transfer - In your registrar's domain name management interface, begin the Account Transfer. This option is normally located when selecting a specific domain name and selecting the settings option.
  3. Fill in the details and confirm the Account Transfer - Many registrars will send a confirmation email to your registrar email account or the admin contact registered on domain to confirm the transfer.

For the buyer

  1. Accept the account transfer - Account Transfers are normally accepted automatically after a short period of time but accepting the transfer can expedite the process.

Authorization Code Transfer (different registrars)

For the seller

  1. Ensure your contact information is correct - This is important because most registrars will communicate with you via the registered email on the account or as the admin contact on the domain itself.
  2. Turn the domain transfer lock off - If a domain is locked, it cannot be transferred to a different registrar. This must be turned off before the domain can be transferred into a different registrar. Different registrars may have different names for this feature.
  3. Cancel additional products such as private registration - If you have private registration on your account, this will prevent the domain transfer. To cancel your private registration, go to the manage section on your domain dashboard and cancel the private registration.
  4. Obtain the Authorization Code for your domain - Some registrars will display the Authorization Code in the dashboard, whilst others will send the code to your registered email or the admin contact email registered on your domain.

For the buyer

  1. Enter the Authorization Code in your domain management dashboard - This process may be called Purchase a Domain Transfer.
  2. Accept the domain into your account - This may involve email confirmation with additional steps that need to be taken or accepting the domain through the relevant part of your registrar dashboard.

In some cases, the seller may receive an email from the buyers registrar confirming the domain name transfer. If you receive an email from your registrar, follow the instructions in the email to confirm the domain transfer.


Same Registrar

Different Registrars