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How to transfer a domain from your Enom Account to another Registrar

Learn how to transfer a domain from your Enom Account to another registrar by supplying the other party with the Authorization Code for the domain.

To transfer you domain name from your enom account to another registrar, you must supply the receiving party with the Authorization Code. You can get the code from the dashboard of your Enom account. Make sure you only give the Authorization Code to the other party after you have been instructed to do so by, when the funds are secured in our escrow account.

If the buying party is receiving the domain into their Enom account, you should perform a Push a Domain instead. Find out how to initiate a Push a Domain in our guide

How to obtain the Authorization Code for your domain

  1. Log in to your Enom account
  2. On the Enom dashboard page, select Registered Domains from Domain Manager section
  3. Click on the domain you are transferring
  4. Click on General Settings
  5. In the Registrar Lock section, select disable
  6. Select Email Auth Info to Registrant.
  7. Finally, click Save

The admin contact registered for the domain will be sent an email with the authorization code. To transfer the domain, send this code to the buying party who can then accept the domain into their account.