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About Hilco Streambank and IPv4.Global

Hilco Streambank is a global organization delivering a range of intellectual property and expert advisory services. They offer a range of provisions that focus on the disposition and valuation of intangible assets in all forms; they invest in IP and operate a world-class brokerage dedicated to IPv4 addresses.
What makes Streambank leaders in their respective field is their ability to undertake highly successful disposition projects. In addition, they have an expansive network of technical professionals, who provide a broad spectrum of wrap around services and expertise, such as marketing, research, and packaging to fully support the entire sales process.
IPv4.Global, a division of Hilco Streambank, has been offering private brokerage services of IPv4 addresses since 2011. They launched the premier online IPv4 marketplace in 2014, now the leading platform for buying and selling IPv4 resources and ASNs.

How Escrow.com & IPv4.Global Work Together

A simple click from the IPv4.Global invoice brings a Buyer to the Escrow.com portal for a secure and easy 3-step check-out process.

Benefits of the IPv4.Global and Escrow Partnership

This integration gives the global base of users of the platform an industry leading, highly secure option to escrow their transactions. The partnership further enhances the presence of IPv4.Global as an industry leading organization, dedicated to providing the most secure platform possible for its users.
Additionally, Buyers and Sellers who use the IPv4.Global marketplace will now have the additional ability to view their payment status, which will be securely held in escrow by Escrow.com, until the IPv4 block transfer is complete and verified in WHOIS.
This partnership makes transactions on the IPv4.Global marketplace smoother and faster for both Buyers and Sellers. Escrow Pay helps reduce the risk involved with selling and buying IPv4 addresses online and is backed by a globally recognized brand that is pioneering online escrow services and have handled over $5 billion transactions since inception.

Escrow.com's Simple 5 Step Process:

  1. Buyer bids on blocks listed for auction on IPv4.Global or selects a “Buy Now” listing.
  2. Once the offer is accepted, the Buyer deposits the agreed-upon amount via Escrow.com.
  3. Escrow.com receives the payment and prompts the Seller to start the transfer of the IP addresses to the Buyer.
  4. Once the block is registered to the Buyer and verified via WHOIS with the relevant RIR(s), the Buyer confirms.
  5. Escrow.com releases the funds.
A simple click from the IPv4.Global invoice brings a Buyer to the Escrow.com portal for a secure and easy 3-step check-out process.

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