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Italian-based manufacturer, Lamborghini is most known for its luxury sports cars and is controlled by the Volkswagen Group subsidiary, Audi. The most recent models produced by Lamborghini include the Huracan, Aventador, and several special and limited edition models. A variety of styles and models of the Huracan are available for purchase, and are almost instantly recognizable from their fierce body styles.

Lamborghini has introduced new colors, onboard features, and interiors that are designed for comfort. The interiors of the Huracan models are dressed in flawless leather and customized for users. The technology included inside of a Lamborghini of any model is relevant to the consumer, with a satellite navigation system and extravagant multimedia station. For the car enthusiast that craves both sportiness and elegance in the same package, Lamborghini offers the LP-700-4 Roadster, part of the Aventador lineup. The entire Aventador class boasts a well-rounded array of impressive features both inside and out.

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