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Founded in 1916, BMW carries a reputation for producing best-in-class vehicles built for comfort and elegance and is the parent company of Rolls-Royce motors. BMW launched their Mini series in 2001, which set the stage for other manufacturers to begin producing similar tiny cars. Today, this smaller scale vehicle has grown in popularity and continues to be a top-seller alongside BMW’s motorbike distribution.

In June 2012, BMW was listed as the number one most reputable car company according to The company strives to advance in each new model, producing vehicles with ample cargo space, sleek body designs, and powerful performance. Consumers will find versatility throughout the latest BMW models as the BMW X5 offers an appealing body and best-in-class features. BMW’s Valvetronic engine is the perfect combination of power and fuel efficiency. The near perfect 50/50 weight distribution is a standard feature of BMW models and ensures that stability, fuel efficiency and safety exceed industry standards.

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