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  1. 买方和卖方就交易条款达成一致
  2. 买方将支付款项打给
  3. 卖方给买方发送交易物品或提供相应服务
  4. 买方确认好物品或服务
  5. Escrow.com将交易收益支付给卖方

Aston Martin produces iconic motor cars that are synonymous with wealth, status, and luxury. The current models of Aston Martins are some of the most instantly recognizable motor cars on the road and have made multiple appearances in films. The Aston Martin lineup includes the 2015 V8 Vantage GT Coupe, which features powerful dynamics and five unique special edition exteriors.

Car enthusiasts looking for a functional four-door with all of the luxury, beauty, and design integrity that Aston Martin has to offer will find all of these features in the Rapide S. The Rapide S combines all of the qualities of a sports car with the functional components of a family sedan. A trendsetter all on its own, the Rapide S takes the stereotype of the traditional four-door family car and throws it to the wind. It is designed with near-perfect weight distribution for agility, an impressive AM29 V12 engine under the hood, and all of the luxury options consumers have come to expect from an Aston Martin on the interior.

Purchasing Your New Aston-Martin with

If you are preparing to join the ranks of consumers driving a stylish and luxurious Aston Martin, finding your new vehicle online and ensuring a safe transaction is crucial. If the security of completing a financial transaction of this magnitude online makes you hesitant, has a perfect solution for any of your concerns.

What exactly is This service is a financial arrangement with a third party regulating online payments for the two parties involved in the transaction. It can help you secure your transaction and confirm the quality of the product exchanged.

How does Escrow work?

  1. The buyer and seller agree on the set price and the terms of the transaction.
  2. The buyer completes the transaction, which is shown in the ‘Sale Completion’ area. At this point the buyer can choose Escrow as their preferred payment method for future transactions.
  3. Once the payment is verified, the seller will deliver the merchandise to the buyer. will verify that the Buyer has received the merchandise.
  4. The buyer has time to inspect the product and accept the service if they are pleased with the quality.
  5. The funds are released once both parties are satisfied.

Facilitated by a trusted third-party, the escrow process removes the risk from online transactions to ensure a safe, secure and intuitive sale for both buyers and sellers. What are you waiting for? Visit for a secure transaction today!

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