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How to Buy and Sell IPv4 Addresses Safely

IPv4 Explained

Most of us will have heard about IP addresses in the past. IPv4 is short for Internet Protocol Version 4. It is the underpinning technology that helps us to connect our computers and mobile devices to the web.

Regardless of the type of device you use to access the internet, it will be given a unique IP address, which is made of numbers. For instance, In order to transmit data via the internet, a data packet will need to be transferred over the network, and it will need to contain the IP address of both the sender and the receiver.

IP addresses are essential for communication, and for the infrastructure of the internet. At present, IPv4 and IPv6 are two versions of Internet Protocol that are in frequent use today. There are thought to be approximately 4.29 billion IPv4 addresses.

IPv6 Explained

Due to the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, an alternative solution was required. New technologies need to be explored in order to expand the capability of providers users and their devices with unique identifiers. Following a redesign of the Internet Protocol in 1995, IPv6 was created.

It is the sixth revision of its kind and the successor of IPv4. It works in a similar way to IPv4 in that it provides a numerical IP address that is unique. However, whereas IPv4 would only use 32 bits for its addresses, IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses. This is a fundamental element of IPv6.

Are There Any IPv4 Addresses Left?

In some instances, there are IPv4 blocks that are unused/unassigned, and still yet to be assigned. Because they are a limited resource, they are still being traded and sold across the globe.

Why Do People Buy IPv4s?

IPv4 addresses are valuable, they can significantly enhance an organization’s or individual’s security, and help improve the overall management of a network. Generally speaking, you can only buy larger blocks IPv4s through a trade or transfer process. However, select Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are still allocating smaller IPv4 blocks for a nominal fee.

Buying or Selling IPv4 blocks online?

If you want to buy an IPv4 block online, then it’s essential to use a fully licensed escrow service for these high-value transactions. Aside from the financial security it provides, it can also give you additional protection from scams and potentially fraudulent transactions.

If you are a business who is trying to buy IPv4 blocks, you’ll want to make sure the transaction is as quick and secure as it can be. With any commodity of value, regardless of its form, you need to make sure that all parties are fully protected, and that the delivery and transfer process happens exactly as needed to ensure the proper sale and purchase.

Direct payments to Sellers of IPv4s present a number of risks. Most people will not have met the other party in a transaction such as this, and because of this, a ‘faceless’ sale is often required. Without any prior trading history between the Seller and Buyer, this leaves them both exposed to fraud.

Moreover, the pertaining RIR(s) will verify the source and recipient to ensure they are allowed to sell the block and that there is a genuine need for the extra IPv4 space. There is no guarantee that the transfer will be approved and making a direct payment entails risks for both parties.

By securing the funds in Escrow, the Buyer will remain protected in the event that the Seller’s request to transfer the block is not approved by the Regional Internet Registries. Sellers can also use Escrow to ensure they will get paid once the IPv4 block is transferred to the Buyer.

Trade and Transfer IPv4 Blocks Securely Online with

Regardless of whether you are a Buyer or Seller, and whether or not you are dealing with a marketplace or individual company, you need a safe and secure way to handle the sale of IPv4s. is the #1 provider of trusted escrow services. The platform provides both Buyers and Sellers with an easy-to-use system that offers complete visibility throughout the entire sales process.

  • The funds are securely held in trust until the transfer is complete.
  • Both parties and Whois will be fully verified prior to starting/closing the escrow.
  • Get a smooth online transaction with a licensed and experienced escrow provider.

Sellers of IPv4s Need Protection – Provides That in Abundance

Once an IPv4 block is transferred, that block cannot be transferred again for an average of two years (depending on the RIR). For this reason, as a Seller of an IPv4 block, you need to ensure that you will get paid once the addresses have been transferred, you need to verify that the Buyer is legitimate, and that the payment is going to be secured before you make the transfer.

Using provides you with the tailored facilities you need to manage the successful transfer and payment for your IPv4 sales. It benefits the Buyer and the Seller equally and it is quick and straightforward to set things up, even for first-timers and one-off sales.

IPv4 Brokers - We are Here to Help Make Your Transactions as Smooth and Secure as We Can

If you are a lawyer or company that connects IPv4 Sellers and Buyers, we can help you handle payments for your transactions. Once a potential sale is identified, use to facilitate a seamless process that takes your transactions through to completion in the fastest and most secure way possible.

As one of the most trusted escrow services for online payments, we use highly secure, intelligent software that takes your sales through to completion with ease. Not only will it instill higher levels of client confidence in your process, but it can reduce the amount of time you spend facilitating transactions as well. All of which helps towards maximizing your revenue and giving your clients a smooth and simple sales process, even if they are in different parts of the world.

More Benefits for IPv4 Brokers Using

  • Affiliate revenue share, and personal assistance from an Escrow Account Manager.
  • Ability to split Broker commission with other Brokers.
  • Both parties and Whois are verified prior to starting/closing the escrow.
  • confirms ‘good funds’ before the Seller starts the transfer process and disburses once the transfer is complete.
  • A smooth, online transaction with a licensed and experienced escrow provider.

The Best Payment Platform for IPV4 Blocks presents as the ideal solution for Sellers and Buyers of IPv4s alike, and it is the go-to-choice for Buyers, Sellers and Brokers who are concerned with verification, and the mitigation of fraudulent transactions.

As the world’s most trusted escrow service, it gives assurance of the most stringent security protocols and unrivaled technology that is tailored to the needs of the IPv4 marketplace.

  • Both parties go through an online Know Your Customer (KYC) process by a globally licensed Escrow Agent
  • Whois will be independently verified prior to starting/closing the escrow.
  • Fraudulent transfers are mitigated, and resources are exchanged legitimately and securely.

Getting Started with Is Easy

Whether you buy, sell, or facilitate the sale of IPv4s, partnering with makes sense. As you can, we offer tailored services for each entity, and our team is here to support you from start to finish.

If you haven’t already registered with us, you can do so now, or if you have any questions about selling IPv4s or our affiliate scheme, you can reach out to our support team for help. Our experienced customer service personnel are here to help. Either call us, send an email to, or contact chat support when they are online.