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“进入托管流程”意味着买家的款项已经转移到 的账户,直到买家收货,商品都会存在我们的信托账户中。 买卖双方必须在使用 前达成共识,我们才能保证托管交易能如期进行。

当买家将款项打入 账户时,我们会通知卖方寄出商品,如果在交易过程中有争议,我们会根据交易条款判断。

若买家对商品不满意(比如商品与描述不符合),买家可以快速得把货物退还,并从 账户中取出款项。



- Pamela , Illinois | 域名卖家

It's been my 3rd transaction with I've always been impressed with your straight forward and secure service. I live in Japan and was amazed by your speed in sending payment through wire transfer. I receiving the closing statement by email and within a few hours, my banker in Japan called me to let me know the funds are in my account here in Japan. Wow I can't believe how fast you guys are. Even my buyers payment from Europe was received quickly and the transaction status was updated within 3 days so we could proceed fast towards inspection without delays. I'll be sure to recommend to colleagues. You guys never fail! Thank you very much for your excellent service.