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Types of Goods or Services protects does not protect munitions, firearms, gambling, timeshare ownership, real property (real estate), currencies (including digital), social media accounts (stand-alone accounts may proceed, but the bulk sale of accounts is not allowed), drugs, and alcohol. Nor will they protect a transaction that they think may violate the law. It does, however, protect numerous other goods and services.

Domain escrow provides several services dealing with domain names including domain name holding, domain concierge services, and websites. Individuals will purchase domain names, making them unavailable through your hosting or a domain service. Then they make them available to you at a higher price. The domain name, however, could be a valuable asset to your company, and it may be advantageous to you to pay that price, but there are procedures that should be followed in order to assure that the Seller does, in fact, hold the rights to that name. will verify that for you by checking the WHOIS database to make sure the name is in fact owned by the Seller and has been properly transferred.

According to terms, the Seller must provide the username, password, and authorization code, if necessary, to access the domain name. For this service, the task of transferring the domain name is completed by the Buyer and Seller, but if you choose, you can use the concierge service where the domain name is transferred and held by until it can be verified and then later released to the Buyer, paying the Seller once all terms and conditions have been met.

For an additional fee, will also hold a domain name for the Buyer until the Buyer chooses to have it released.

Vehicles escrow

Using may not completely eliminate the hazards of purchasing a vehicle online, but it can offer some peace of mind. The inspection period (as much as 30 days) gives the Buyer an opportunity to properly inspect the vehicle by a mechanic and test it while insuring the Seller that the funds are protected during this period. also offers other services to assist in this transaction such as Lien Holder Payoff and Title Collection. They will confirm the amount of the lien and send the final payoff. For Title Collection, receives the title, inspects it, and forwards it to the Buyer.

Milestone escrow

There are instances where it is beneficial for the Buyer and Seller to complete transactions in steps. For this, provides a milestone service. Say for example, you are having you kitchen remodeled or a website built. The person providing the service may need funds to purchase supplies and pay employees so that they can get started.

It is unwise, however, for the Buyer to pay for a service before it is completed. Buyer and Seller can agree to have specified funds released upon completion of predetermined phases of the project.

IPv4 Escrow

If you want to buy an IPv4 block online, then it's essential to use a fully licensed escrow service for these high-value transactions. Aside from the financial security it provides, it can also give you additional protection from scams and potentially fraudulent transactions.

By securing the funds in Escrow, the Buyer will remain protected in the event that the Seller's request to transfer the block is not approved by the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Sellers can also use Escrow to ensure they will get paid once the IPv4 block is transferred to the Buyer. It benefits the Buyer and the Seller equally and it is quick and straightforward to set things up, even for first-timers and one-off sales.

PPE Escrow

If you need to engage in long-distance selling or buying to get the PPE needed, this can sometimes come with its own risks. Due to the increase in scammer websites, wants to alleviate that risk by providing a trusted payment method that reduces the risk of dealing with an unknown and untrusted entity.

Whether you are dealing with new suppliers, or you want to secure transactions with existing suppliers, has predefined processes in place to help you every step of the way. When you use our highly secure platform, you can rest assured that your funds are being kept safe and the details of your transactions are being kept completely confidential.

Other Escrows

You can use for transactions involving the sale of most goods and/or services. We are ideal for high-priced goods and services, and exchanging higher-end items that merit the security and peace of mind that delivers.

Typically, our customers use our service when the Buyer and Seller are unknown to each other, for purchases made on auction sites, classified ad sites, business-to-business e-commerce sites, and online merchants.