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服務費 is a trusted partner of Right of the Dot and any transaction that you do through the platform can be protected by Escrow. is a reputed third-party organization that makes sure that your funds are protected from the time the payment is initiated up until you receive and approve the merchandise.

Right of the Dot is a reputed Internet and domain consultancy that was started by two well-known domain entrepreneurs, Michael Berkens and Monte Cahn. The company provides a diverse range of services that are primarily focused on new and existing gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) and related domain strategy.

In addition to providing domain valuation and monetization advice, the company also offers a full suite of gTLDs consultancies ranging from identifying and pricing premium names, smart positioning of TLDs and designing launch strategies to marketing launched TLDs and facilitating TLD auctions.

Aside from all of the above services, Right of the Dot is most popular for its domain name auctions that they hold regularly. Whether you are looking to use the services of Right of the Dot or you want to buy a domain from one of their auctions, Escrow will give you the added layer of security during every transaction. The partnership with ensures that every person has the option to transact securely with other buyers and sellers.

Here’s how the transaction through Escrow works when you buy a domain name in a Right of the Dot Auction:

  • Buyer and seller agree to the terms: The buyer wins the domain name at an auction. The two parties, i.e. the buyer and the seller, first have to agree upon the terms and conditions for the sale. Once this is done and a bid is accepted, the payment is initiated within three days.
  • Payment is made to Escrow: The buyer will first have to deposit the amount agreed upon with Escrow secures the funds and looks after the money throughout the entire transaction.
  • Goods/services are delivered to the buyer: Once the payment is made to Escrow and the funds are verified, the seller begins the process of transferring the domain in the buyer’s name. Once the transfer process is complete, Escrow and the buyer are notified.
  • The buyer approves the transaction: The buyer is given a set time frame to check that the transfer is successful and that all the formalities are complete.
  • The payment is released: After the buyer confirms that all is in order, Escrow then releases the payment to the seller and the transaction is completed securely.

Using is one of the most secure ways of doing any online transaction. Buyers have the peace of mind of knowing that the funds are being held by a neutral third-party till they receive and accept their merchandise. Sellers can also relax and not worry about providing goods and services without getting paid.

Facilitated by a trusted third-party, the escrow process removes the risk from online transactions to ensure a safe, secure and intuitive sale for both buyers and sellers. What are you waiting for? Visit for a secure transaction today.




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