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服務費 is the preferred choice for anyone looking for a reliable third party to secure their transactions when buying or selling a domain through HugeDomains. With their user-friendly interface and impeccable reputation, using is simple, easy and safe.

HugeDomains is one of the top internet domain name sales agents in the world, dealing almost exclusively with .com domains. When a business, brand or an individual blogger needs a fast, reliable web site with a simple-to-remember .com domain, HugeDomains has exactly what they need. Escrow makes it easy to pay for these domains safely and securely.

HugeDomains boasts quick, convenient, one-click domain shopping through its site. This site specializes in brandable, easy-to-remember, easy-to-spell domain names for almost any type of business, however big or small. With 350,000 domains available as of date and more being added every day, HugeDomains is sure to have a name that is just perfect for you.

Here’s how HugeDomains and Escrow work together:

  • Browse through the .com domains available on HugeDomains – Use the search functions to find the perfect .com domain name for your new web site on and place it in your online shopping basket.
  • Buy with Escrow – When you click on the ‘Buy with Escrow button’ you will be taken to the BUY NOW page, where you can choose to complete the transaction via
  • Deposit the money in – You now deposit the money for the domain name into At this point, the money remains in Escrow and the domain is still in the seller’s name.
  • Escrow informs the seller and approves the purchase – informs the buyer who then transfers the domain name to the seller.
  • Transaction is completed – Once the seller states that the transfer is complete, the new domain owner checks that all formalities to ensure that the transfer is legitimate and confirms this with
  • Money is transferred to seller – The money is transferred to the seller and the transaction is considered completed.

HugeDomains has a vast repertoire of popular domain name categories and offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee is backed up with Escrow’s safe, secure web site that ensures purchasing information is safe.

HugeDomains lists daily deals and a fast-features listing right up front on its homepage, so the buyer may either choose what is already available from the list or use the advanced search feature to help create the domain they need.

In addition, because each purchase made through HugeDomains is protected by the security features provided by, buyers can rest assured that their personal and financial information remains safe and confidential.

Domain ‘.com’ names are scarce and get snatched up quickly. If you’ve found a perfect .com domain name for your business but are hesitant to pay upfront or to provide your personal and financial information, provides the perfect solution. The site acts as a reliable, confidential middle-man that keeps your information confidential and safeguards your online transaction.

Visit for a quick and secure way to purchase the perfect .com from HugeDomains today.




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