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When you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy third-party to protect your transactions with DomainNameSales, you won’t find a more secure platform than Paying through is as simple as agreeing to their terms of service and verifying your payment.

Founded in 2001 by Frank Schilling, is the number one domain name brokerage company online. Boasting a winning team of brokers, designers and its own iPhone application, and Escrow are an unbeatable team when it comes to facilitating the buying and selling of domain names that web customers can remember and use for any needs they may have.

DomainNameSales is not just a web domain brokerage, they are also a comprehensive sales platform available in ten languages and can be used with so all transactions are safe and secure. Their professional team appraises all domain names and strives to give the customer the best and fairest deal possible at the most affordable price.

Transferring the domain into the new owner’s name is fast and easy once payment is secured and verified through Escrow. DomainNameSales then starts the process of transferring the new domain through WHOIS to the new owner.

Here’s how DomainNameSales and Escrow work together:

  • Buyer signs up for a free account through and agrees to terms and conditions: The buyer must read through and agree to terms and conditions in order for brokerage, sales and transfers to begin.
  • Buyer chooses domain name/s: The buyer chooses as many domain names as they need as well as any additional services or add-on products they require and puts all purchases in their shopping cart.
  • Buyer pays for services via Escrow: Upon completion of the brokerage and sale, the buyer will be directed to’s fast, secure check-out process, where the money remains until the buyer is satisfied with their purchase.
  • Domain names are transferred to buyer’s name: Escrow notifies DomainNameServices that the funds are in place so they can begin the transfer process.
  • releases funds to DomainNameServices: Once the buyer has determined that the transfer is completed successfully, releases the funds for brokerage and transfer services rendered.

Purchasing a new web domain or transferring from one web domain company to another can sometimes be a daunting and arduous task. DomainNameSales takes the fear out of the brokerage and transfer process, and Escrow makes it easy to pay for services rendered using their fast, safe, secure interface. Because they are fully integrated with DomainNameSales, the purchasing process is simple and seamless.

With DomainNameSales and Escrow, you know you will be benefitting from the best two professional services in the web domains brokerage business. Efficiency, ease of use and security are just three of the many reasons why you should choose when buying domain names from DomainNameSales.

Go to today to see how they can secure all of your online transactions.




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