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服務費 is a reputed financial establishment that acts as a neutral participant in transactions between two or more parties. When you use the delivery services of Citizen Shipper, paying through Escrow ensures that your funds are protected from the time the payment is initiated up until you receive and approve the delivered merchandise.

Citizen Shipper is a peer-to-peer delivery service. If you have something you need shipped, you can go to their site and post a notice. They'll require some details about the item so they can go through their list of drivers and match you with the best choices for the job. The drivers will bid on the job, and you can make your selection from there based on who best meets your needs and budget and who will see that your shipment arrives safely. Being able to pay through Escrow gives you additional peace of mind in knowing that your funds will be held securely until you receive your shipped items.

As for paying the driver, that's easy enough. The escrow process works like this:

  • Terms of agreement – After the consumer has picked the driver who is the best fit for the job, the terms of transaction on will be reviewed. The transaction can only go forward if both the consumer and shipper agree to the terms. This prevents shippers from being cheated out of payment, and it keeps consumers safe from fraud.
  • Transfer of funds – Rather than pay the driver directly, or sending payment to, the consumer authorizes the transfer of funds to Once this is completed and the money is securely in their account, notifies the shipper that it is time to make the delivery.
  • Pickup and delivery – The shipper picks up and delivers the items to the consumer whilst keeping in contact with Citizen Shipper. This allows for keeping track of check-ins on the road and alerts about delays or other trouble that may lead to a change in delivery time.
  • Inspection – The consumer now inspects and accepts the goods. Then they log onto to confirm that they received their shipment. This is essential, since it is the secure, timely delivery of goods and the acceptance of them which ensures that the shipper is paid for doing the job.
  • Payment – Upon learning of delivery and acceptance of the goods, releases the funds they held in their account to the shipper. After this, the transaction is complete.

If this sounds like a complicated or very intimidating venture, rest assured that is a trustworthy company. They provide great support when you need it most, and all transactions are transparent from beginning to end.

Visit and see how they ensure that your transactions are always secure when you are dealing with any online entity.




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