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Looking to use the services of but are worried about the security of your payment? Whether you are buying or selling websites, apps or domain names, paying through minimizes the risks that are inherent in online transactions. is a well-known online digital brokerage firm. With proven expertise in buying and selling apps, domain names and websites, this firm provides a secure platform for sellers to sell their digital properties and for buyers to acquire everything they need to build their presence online.

An easy application process allows a buyer or seller to simply state what they are after while professional brokers provide research and analysis to both parties. These professionals will also contact the current owner of the domain or website and negotiate with them in order to get the best price possible for a buyer or work with the seller to target potential buyers.

Are you looking for a trusted third-party to protect your transactions when buying or selling merchandise on Paying for your BrokerageFirm transaction via Escrow is simple and easy.

Here’s how the escrow transaction works when trading on

  • The buyer and seller agree to the terms. The first step is for the buyer and the seller to come to an agreement on the goods or services that will be provided and the terms of payment. Once a bid has been made and it is accepted, it is necessary to start the payment process within a maximum period of 3 days.
  • The buyer pays the amount to Escrow. The buyer proceeds with the transaction and deposits the money via After the transaction is complete, they will be taken to a ‘Sale Completion’ page where an option to transact with Escrow as a preferred form of payment for future transactions will be provided.
  • Escrow secures the funds. When the money is transferred by the buyer, the funds are kept securely by Escrow. As soon as the payment is verified, Escrow will inform the seller that the amount has been received.
  • The seller delivers the goods or services. As soon as the payment by the seller has been verified, the seller has to start the process of delivering the goods or services. Escrow will also keep a check on this part of the transaction and the buyer must inform when the goods are received.
  • The buyer must verify the goods or services. Before the payment is transferred to the seller, the buyer is given an opportunity to check the goods to verify that everything is in place and that they have been provided according to the terms of the agreement.
  • The money is released to the seller. After the delivery process is complete, the funds will then be released by Escrow to the seller and the entire transaction will be completed.

If you are planning to make any transactions through, take a look at how you can add an extra layer of security whether you are buying or selling websites, domains or apps.

Go to today for quick, efficient and secure online transactions on BrokerageFirm.




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