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Are you looking for a trusted neutral party to safeguard your transactions when buying or selling boats on Boattrader? Whether you are buying boat parts and accessories, small inflatable boats and sailboats or super-expensive high performance boats, paying for your purchases via Escrow is as easy as accepting the agreement terms and verifying or accepting your payment.

Boattrader is the go to place for boat-lovers looking to buy, sell or trade boats. Boat Trader is the largest marketplace in America for buying and selling boats as well as boat engines and other personal watercraft. A large consumer audience not only buy and sell boats but also use the website as a resource for boating tips, advice and other boating information.

A number of the top dealers list their boats on this website along with numerous private parties who are looking to sell boats. The listings allow the sellers to reach a large audience through effective advertising online and access to detailed information and market intelligence for potential buyers.

Since boats are a large investment it’s important to consider the security of your online transactions. Escrow is a trustworthy entity that protects the investments of all parties involved in any Boattrader transaction. has now partnered with Boattrader to give you access to a large marketplace that consists of buyers and sellers all over the country.

Using Escrow is as simple as the following steps:

  • Agree to terms: The buyer and seller first have to agree on the price. Once a price is negotiated and agreed upon, the payment must be initiated by the buyer.
  • The buyer makes payment: The buyer chooses as their mode of payment and transfers the funds using Escrow’s user-friendly interface.
  • Escrow notifies seller that funds are in place: Once the funds are received and verified by Escrow, the seller will be informed so that they can start making arrangements to deliver the boat to the buyer.
  • The goods are inspected on delivery: On delivery, the buyer gets a certain amount of time to inspect the items to ensure that they are of the quality that has been promised.
  • Payment is released on approval by the buyer: If the merchandise delivered is to the buyer’s satisfaction, Escrow is notified and the funds released to the seller. The transaction is then considered to be complete. is a trusted name that most individuals as well as corporations use when they need a third party to secure their transactions. When you choose to make and receive payments through Escrow, you need never worry about encountering any problems. Transactions through Escrow are super quick, easy and completely reliable.

If you are looking to buy or sell your boat on, protect your investment by using Escrow as a reliable form of payment. Visit to find out how easy it is to get started with your secure transaction today!




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