How vehicle escrow works

  1. 买方和卖方就交易条款达成一致
  2. 买方将支付款项打给
  3. 卖方给买方发送交易物品或提供相应服务
  4. 买方确认好物品或服务
  5. Escrow.com将交易收益支付给卖方

How it works

  1. The Buyer and Seller agree to terms - After registering at, both parties agree to the terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the vehicle, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection of the vehicle, and any shipping information. Additional services including title collection and lien holder payoff may be selected at this time.
  2. The Buyer pays - The Buyer submits a payment by selecting wire transfer. Check or money order are also available on amounts $2000 and under. verifies the payment. Processing time varies by payment method.
  3. The Seller ships the vehicle to the Buyer - Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship the vehicle and submit tracking information. verifies that the Buyer receives the vehicle.
  4. The Buyer inspects and accepts the vehicle - The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the vehicle and the option to accept or reject the vehicle.
  5. The Seller is paid by - pays the Seller by ACH or wire transfer. The transaction is complete.

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