How to Buy and Sell Junghans watches online

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Nestled in the Black Forest in Germany, the Junghans Uhren GmbH watch company upholds the German reputation for precision, perfection, and high quality. Established in 1888, the company initially began with manufacturing clocks that reflected German precision and craftsmanship. By the 1930s, the company was making wristwatches that showcased the company’s sleek designs without compromising on precision craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking for a well-preserved antique that still keeps time or you’re looking for Junghans performance pieces with chronological aspects, ensures that your transaction is completed seamlessly and securely. is a financial arrangement with a third party regulating online payments for the two parties involved in the transaction. It can help you secure your transaction and confirm the quality of the product exchanged Whether you’re looking for the perfect addition to your Junghans Vintage collection or you’re new to the Junghans brand of high-quality German-engineered timepieces, it is a good idea to use to make or receive large payments.

Here is how this process works

Agree to terms and conditions – After agreeing to the buying price, the buyer and seller set up accounts on and agree to some basic terms and conditions.

Transfer funds – The buyer must have funds in their account before any transactions can take place. These funds are known as “good funds.”

Shipping and tracking formalities are initiated – Once the buyer has transferred the money into their account, the seller is given an amount of time to pack, insure, and ship the merchandise. The buyer has the option of tracking their package from the moment it leaves the shipper’s facility to the moment they take delivery.

Inspection and acceptance – The buyer inspects their merchandise and if it meets their approval, accepts the package.

Funds are released – The buyer notifies and the funds that are in safekeeping are now released to the seller. has taken precautions against fraud and other financial mishaps by using industry leading software when it comes to financial security.

Because monitors each and every transaction on their site from start to finish, buyers and sellers can be rest assured that their money is safe. The only person who can see any account information is the account holder.

Whether you’re looking for a new Junghans watch, want to update your vintage Junghans collection, or you feel it is time to pass on an older watch for a newer model, can help you make the transaction process—whether buying or selling—simply, fast and secure.

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