How to buy or sell stamps safely

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If you’re considering buying or selling your treasured stamp collection online you’re probably well aware of the myriad of collections available to view all via the web.

One of the original collector’s passions, the stamp collecting world of late has opened up its gates to dedicated stamp lovers young and old with online catalogues, private collections, deceased estates and general collections from all around the world now available to purchase via the web.

Bypassing traditional stamp dealers and stamp auctions and heading straight to the Internet offers a wide range of opportunities and access to some of the most sought after stamps and collections on the market, at lower rates and without the sting of hefty commissions to auction houses and shop front stamp dealers.

Traditionally, stamp collectors would meet at conventions, stamp clubs or post their stamps via snail mail to collectors across the world, with little to no guarantee that the stamps were authentic and valued correctly.

Using online platforms to buy and sell stamps has opened up the world for collectors and allows individuals to share images, details and information of lots all via the web, without even leaving your home.

Items are simply photographed, uploaded, descriptions added and finally, posts shared with like-minded individuals for the world to see what you have on offer or what you are searching for to complete your collection.

Buying and selling stamps from buyers around the world can be done simply with the help of escrow services - which conveniently manage the transaction and payment side of things as a neutral 3rd party, so you have the peace of mind that your transaction will run smoothly and is managed professionally.

Services such as provide the highest level of protection for buyers and sellers of stamps. Collectors and dealers understand the finer workings of the collectors world, however, some sellers and buyers who don’t use an escrow service and get caught out in the transaction process with faulty or damaged goods, items that arrive and aren’t as described and goods that are not authentic. Using a service such as protects you from all of these probabilities. offers a service for stamp collectors whereby goods are shipped, and the buyer receives them, takes the time to check the goods and then, and only then if they are happy with the transaction the funds are released. If at any stage the collector is not happy with the goods received, they are returned, and the transaction is cancelled.

Stamp collecting is meant to be enjoyable and using a service such as allows you to buy, sell and transact smoothly and without fear of issues and problems in the transaction process.

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