How to buy or sell gold bullion safely

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Gold bullion is one of the most cost-effective ways to purchase precious metal. Portable and easy to trade, gold bullion represent a fantastic way to invest in precious metals and are easily stored and transported.

Bullions are precious metals that are traded as a commodity. The bullion is valued by the purity and mass and is usually 99% in purity in the case of gold bullion bars.

Buying gold bullion can be a unique way to invest, and as investors look for new and innovative ways to spread their investments, gold bullion is quickly becoming a popular option. Gold bullions are measured by weight and usually cast as bars, making them easy to store and also sell to overseas investors.

Investors buy gold bullion for a range of reasons including hedging against currency risk, covering the likelihood of inflation, protect against geopolitical risks and also to diversify an investment portfolio.

If you’re looking to buy or sell gold bullion, you’re going to want to ensure you engage an escrow service that is safe and protected.

Tips for buying and selling gold bullion safely include:

  • Check you’re using an escrow agent that understands international trading regulations and created a specific and detailed trading agreement for the sale of the bullion. Using will protect you in the buying and selling process and ensure your investment is protected.
  • Once the agreement is set up on or similar, the shipping terms will be arranged.
  • Once gold bullion is received, the buyer will get the bullion authenticated and checked by a bullion expert.
  • If the goods are confirmed as genuine and the buyer is happy with items, the money will be released by the escrow service. offers low transaction fees and the piece of mind that you investment is completely protected by an international escrow service. Buyers do not pay fees; the seller can enjoy the service from as little as 1.78% of the purchase price.

Whether you are buying your gold bullion from the USA, UK or around the world, ensure you are buying and selling with confidence by using Buy and sell gold bullion from around the globe with the confidence of




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