How to buy or sell diamonds safely

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Diamond lovers have more options than ever when it comes to buying diamonds. Gone are the days of only being able to purchase diamonds at a jeweler. Consumers can now purchase via a range of methods including jewelry wholesalers and collectors from all around the world.

If you’re looking for a specific stone, you can shop with confidence online using platforms such as

The process of buying and selling diamonds safely is very straightforward and offers both parties reassurance when shipping and exchanging valuable jewelry and gems across the globe. Escrow aims to eliminate any doubts or fears associated with this transaction such as not receiving payment from the buyer or seller or the goods arriving and not being as described.

Steps for buying diamonds online safely

Research and learn about what you are buying - with any expensive purchase, you should educate yourself on the options available and purchase diamonds that are the right carat weight, color grade, clarity and cut for your specific needs.

  • Ask for a grading report - if you are looking to buy a diamond, ensure you ask for a grading report so you can understand the 4Cs of the stone. This is crucial information for the purchase and should be provided with each sale.
  • Check the validity of the report - check with your professional diamond specialist and ensure your diamond covers all the necessary elements you are looking for in a stone. Make sure everything matches up.
  • Know the seller & use - getting to know the seller and using a platform such as will provide a safe and professional platform when you are ready to purchase and pay for your diamond.

Using allows diamond buyers and sellers the opportunity to view the diamond in person and check the authenticity of the stone before releasing the funds and finalising the sale.

While the vast majority of diamond sales go smoothly, using will provide the piece of mind that your are completely protected throughout the transaction process.

With low commission, safe and secure online transactions and peace of mind — you can buy and sell diamonds with complete confidence without fear of inferior stones and non-genuine sellers. makes secure business and consumer transaction management via the web risk-free and safe. Visit for more info and to check out their range of services.




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