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The internet is often the best place to pick up the exact camera that you want at the best price. While your local shopping center may give you the option to purchase a generic model camera which is suitable for everyday needs, if you are a photography specialist or have specific requirements for your camera then the online world provides you with a whole array of options to meet your requirements.

Purchasing a camera online provides a customer with a much wider range of products and specialized criteria can be met much easier but to keep safe, either as a buyer or seller, it is essential to use a third party which offers transaction services such as those provided by

When purchasing a camera online, there is no way to see if it works until it has been tested and the purchaser relies on the word of the seller, who they have likely never met, to provide that guarantee. provides a neutral third party facility which will hold the funds of the purchaser while the camera is dispatched, the purchaser then has an agreed time limit to test the camera to make sure it works before confirming with that they are satisfied. The funds are not released to the seller until this has happened which guarantees the financial safety of the purchaser. If a camera is received in non-working order or it’s not as it was described when the original purchase was completed, a dispute will be opened with an representative and payment will not be made until all parties are satisfied. also provides safety for the sellers of cameras. The payment is made by the purchaser to an account held by before the item is dispatched and is held there until the seller has confirmed they’re happy with the item. This means that the seller has no need to send and expensive camera to someone who has promised to pay on arrival and therefore completely eliminates any risk that the seller won’t receive their payment.

Cameras are often expensive and arranging a purchase online and agreeing to deliver cash as a payment method is of great personal and financial risk to both parties involved. Using completely removes the need to meet anyone in person that you have had business dealings with online and offers another way to buy or sell your camera safely. will completely take care of the financial transaction for you; the buyer deposits into the third party account with their credit card, PayPal or even a cheque if desired and looks after the rest ensuring the safety needs of the buyer and seller are met at all times.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a camera online, provides a level of security which is essential to guarantee the financial and personal safety of both buyers and sellers. The only way to wholly guarantee that both parties will get what they believed they would when the original transaction took place is to engage with a third party who will hold funds until the purchaser is satisfied.

If you are buying or selling a camera, contact to see how we can ensure your transaction is completed while meeting all of your safety needs.




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