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How to buy or sell autographs safely with If you are an autograph collector, you will know that there are few things more rewarding and exciting than being in possession of a piece of paper that has been signed by one of your idols or a well-known celebrity. As such, the buying and selling of autographs online are becoming increasingly popular with the Internet providing much easier access to those sought-after signatures than ever before.

Using for autograph transactions will ensure that whether you’re buying or selling, your safety is never compromised throughout the transaction by offering the following guarantees:

The autograph will be genuine

Purchasing any item online comes with an element of risk that the seller is honest and genuine, and the item is what they say it is. With an autograph this is no different - although relevant checks can take place before the purchaser agrees to the sale it’s only once the item is received that they will be able to prove its legitimacy without a doubt. A certificate of authenticity should be sold with the autograph, but again, until this is received there is no guarantee that it is genuine. provides a holding account for the cost of the autograph, and the money is not released to the seller until the autograph has been verified as genuine by the purchaser. If a dispute arises at any time throughout the transaction, will act as a third party to provide a resolution for this which will keep both parties safe.

The seller will receive payment

Online transactions provide an element of risk to a seller as they are dependent on people that have never met each other doing what they say they’re going to do.

When using to complete an online autograph transaction the risk that the seller will not receive their payment is completely eliminated; the purchaser will transfer the money into an account held by and once the item has been received by them, the funds will be released to the seller. This completely eliminates any non-payment issues which are commonly experienced during online sales transactions.

Financial information is never compromised provide a fully encrypted, completely secure online holding account service to ensure that all online transactions can be completed without bank or credit card details ever being revealed to the seller. is heavily audited to ensure that at all times it’s complying with strict government guidelines which have been determined to regulate the online sales industry.

There is no need to contact the other party directly removes the need to deal directly with a seller or purchaser once the transaction has been agreed by both parties. Removing this need to have any personal contact with someone met online removes all threats to personal safety that can arise if direct communication takes place.

Using to buy and sell autographs online promotes safety for both the buyer and seller. The seller is guaranteed to receive payment for their valued item, the purchaser is guaranteed to receive a genuine autograph, and will ensure that both parties uphold their sides of the agreement before any funds are released.

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