We built our site to give you more control of the buying and selling process and make finding the right boat easier than ever before. Our review section allows you to read first hand accounts of verified owners and their personal opinions on the boats they have purchased.

We partner with select companies that allow our users to safely buy and sell, reducing the risk of fraud. Escrow.com is based in the USA and handles transactions of all sizes securely.

How We Work Together

  1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms - The seller creates the transaction by clicking through to the site from Nautible.com. This click through provides a special bundled package at a great discounted rate. The seller registers and fills in transaction terms such as the year, make, model, price, HIN, inspection period, and who pays the escrow fee. The buyer is invited to register and agree to the transaction at Escrow.com. Once the buyer agrees, they are prompted to make payment.
  2. The Buyer Pays Escrow.com - The Buyer submits payment by selecting wire transfer and requesting their bank wire the funds to Escrow.com. Buyer's can call Escrow.com at 888-511-8600 with any questions. Once payment is verified, the title insurance is ordered and provided to the buyer. The seller is contacted to confirm and collect title and/or lien payoff information.
  3. The Seller Ships or Releases the Boat - Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship or release the boat. Escrow.com verifies that the Buyer receives the boat.
  4. Buyer Inspects and Accepts - The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the boat and the option to accept or reject the boat. For more information, see FAQs - Return Questions.
  5. The Seller is Paid by Escrow.com - Escrow.com pays the lien holder if applicable and any balance is sent to the Seller by ACH or wire transfer. If the title is being held in escrow, the title is sent via courier to the buyer. The transaction is complete.

Escrow services provided by Escrow.com. Nautible is not a licensed or accredited escrow company.