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Who is responsible for paying the escrow fees to

When you agree on the price and delivery method for your escrow transaction using, you will also have the option to specify who pays the escrow fee. For a normal transaction, you can select 'Buyer', 'Seller', or '50% Buyer / 50% Seller'.

The option to select who will pay the escrow fee will depend on the type of transaction you are creating:

When creating a General or Motor Vehicle transaction

On the Start Transaction page, select + Show advanced options

In the advanced aptions, you can select who pays the escrow fees

When creating a Domain Name or Milestone transaction

You can select who is paying the escrow fee in the first step

In the event of a rejection of the merchandise or cancellation of the transaction after the funds have been secured by, the Buyer will be responsible for the escrow fees and return shipping fees. The escrow fee will be taken out of the original payment made to If the Buyer agreed to pay the original shipping fee, that will be taken out of the original payment as well.

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